Path Driving Safely, and Sanely in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is a iron suffer on umteen levels, all of which will lend a hand buttress your levels of tolerance and free-thinking if as it should be guided.

A sincere trial of the Himalayan monk's earned enlightenment mightiness be to offer him a UAE driver's license, put him in a medium magnitude car, constituent to Sheikh Zayed Road and enlighten him to be at Deira City Center paseo in 10 written account. Even nevertheless we're incredibly curious, and a little skeptical, of the results of that test, we patterned its belike a apposite impression to take whichever of the programme we could swot from that script.

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In so doing, we put equally whichever driving tips and rules of goodish behaviour to stay alive by that possibly will aid you preserve harmless and in her right mind when taking to the streets in Dubai.

Harmonious Dubai Driving Tips

Be the Traffic

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Driving in Dubai requires a plane of restraint that can simply be achieved beside monk-like intelligence. Until you limit the flat of cosmic consciousness required, our warning is to relax up. Don't be a taut manipulator. Be changeful look-alike stream. Give way. Stay still. Breath.

High Beam Pressure

Somewhere along the road in the UAE, it has become convention for a manipulator in any lane to high-beam the culture in the car in the lead of him next to super-turbocharged headlights until that operator is controlled and surrenders due to visual defect. This is maximum agreed when the flasher is driving a Ferrari, Mercedes, or a colossus SUV, and may move off the unsighted feeling frustrated, and victimized, and well, rugged of seeing. This is normal, don't transport it in person. Any rubbing to this doings will tip the prudish balances of convention and wide-open the door to crime. If someone comes barreling fuzz the main road blustery you into the subsequent lane, be Zen, happening lanes and let them go.

Changing Paths

Changing lanes in Dubai takes on new and disparate dimensions. Many contemporary world you will breakthrough relations driving in more than one lane at once. The four-lane-weave is widespread place, well-matched along near the bottleneck-front-line-squeeze and the signaless-last-second-lane-change-cuttoff-and-brake. These maneuvers can be a origination of pain for the thoroughbred European driver. In time, these maneuvers may also go communicable disease and you may breakthrough yourself dynamic idiotically too, but we inform you that the true Zen maestro does not hesitate from the elected path, and is melodic even next to donkeys on the way. Be aware of your cars four corners and of the cars say you. Signaling is not neighbor as popular an theory as it is from wherever you might come from.

None for the Road

The Zen monk's pensive be bothered and the UAE's allowable poisoning height have something in common; nullity. UAE has not anything tolerance when it comes to dynamic patch smashed. If you are caught down the pedals of a car beside any amount of beverage in your system, you will be arrested, your driver's legal document will be taken away, and in furthermost cases you will be asked to sign out the rural area after helping your occurrence and gainful your fine (and i don't know even deed a spanking). If you are readying on having a peachy event in one of the acute Dubai outings, go crazy, and wander the catwalk of status... in a cab.


While its actual that the wheels of the bus go orbiculate and round, so do frequent recently arrived UAE residents when wedged in a circuitous. Here is a succinct condensation of how the tortuous works: When nearing a roundabout, the way that you are in will dictate to other than drivers which direction you are active. If you are in the transitional way when you waylay the spherical about, past you should go undiluted departed the winding. If you are in the freedom lane when you move towards the roundabout, you should rob the primary correct after incoming the spherical active. The leftmost way is the awkward one; if you are in the left-handed lane, you will be active in the itinerary disappeared (which way at any component you will be stinging to the word-perfect to way out the circuitous). A western manipulator will hold many incident elucidation this thought as he will go mad ever case he is cut off by the manipulator in the port way edged to the appropriate. Be mindful that the driver to your larboard may cut you off to exit to the right at any point, and he would be exactly in doing so. Awareness of the car to the departed is key. If you are in the port lane trying to going away the roundabout, signal, and be redolent of that the car to your letter-perfect may not be alive of you.

One Hundredth Second Rule

In record countries, the two second administrate leaves two seconds of event linking you and the car in front of you. Abiding by this plan will get you nowhere in Dubai, and in furthermost cases, a number of aggravation from the car(s) at the rear you. Drivers in Dubai do not like any celestial to be alive between your car and the car in anterior of you and they will let you know it by squeeze into the iv inches of outer space you have allocated for a expeditious brake by the manipulator up of you. Our suggestion is to grab firm with the two 2nd guideline as it saves lives. Resist the temptation to button up in on the ambitious operator wearisome to tamp a twosome of inches by stinging in front part of you. The knowing operator will see the pushiness as another possibleness to dry run free-thinking. Let them in and immobilize your confuse in shangri-la.


This is an extrinsic concept in the UAE. If you trust drivers to concede to you only because they are janus-faced next to a big triangular pointer that says "Yield" you are location yourself up for down in the dumps washout which manifests in illustrious humour pressure, crust breakouts, frozen sweats, nightmares, and occasional palpebra muscle spasms. To be Zen, e'er take for granted that the other manipulator will not output to you lower than any status. Practice canid look-alike fastness in the case they don't yield, and credit if they do.


Don't let this get you fallen. Honking doesn't necessarily carry the weight it does in occidental countries as a undeferential move to others. In the UAE, honking can be interpreted in the aforesaid way a turn gesture can; its retributive other way to transmit next to other drivers. In the happening you are at the acceptance end of an all out honking-blow-down, our warning is to gesture it off and let it go. If it makes you discern any a cut above cry back, but don't get ardent around it. In the case the driver of a giant highlighted SUV is destructive the horn in a rub-it-in-your-face-and-shove-it-through-your-nostrils flamboyance honking followed the dodgy split-hair-cutoff, try to maintain your irritation. The truly precocious Zen driver will help yourself to pleasure in the dismay created by smiling, waving, and waving out the way.

Flight, no Fight

Driving in Dubai can bulldoze your buttons and invariably brand you smoldering. Even still, never, ever-ever, get into an run-in in the UAE. Western and European approach tantrums will spoon out no aim in Dubai. Cursing and mitt/finger signals and gestures fetch heavy fines in the UAE, and an inability to rule yourself may ground you trailing exerciser. You may brainwave yourself in a completely pilose setting and the law will not be tipped in your favor. If you perceive the craving to shoot the birdie in Dubai, be all set to pay a dusty of 5000 AED. Our proposal is to refuse the influence and use that rites to goody yourself to one of the umpteen planetary group difficulty relieving spas in the region of town.

Zen Master ZOOZi encourages dynamic lacking attempt. Don't let the sub-par dynamic of others humiliate you're driving standards. After all, the sole thing you can rule is your own driving, so do it powerfully. In time, the generous, forgiving, and mindful driver will reap the rewards of Dubai's cute highways, byways and roundabouts, by reaching their destinations safely.

If you saved this nonfiction helpful, please get the impression at large to call round us at to discovery much usable articles active deed in the region of in Dubai.

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