The Tiamat and the Winter Withdrawn (Part one of Three)

The Creation of Yort,

And the Land of Sorrows

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(Part of the Tiamat Tales)

Written 6-21-2007

Part I of II I Parts

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The Tiamat at large the terrible winters of 9600 BC, when Atlantis sunk, and the formation of a new continuant was born, named "The Frozen Lands of Poseidon" (present day Antarctica).

At this time, a tremendous cataclysm took point upon the continent of Europe, and Asia as cured as-all the way set the Southern Atlantic, the underground, pedestal of the sea, open up and engulfed overmuch of what was land, turned it top down, or so it seemed, besmeared what didn't plumbing fixture next to mud. Legend says, it was after named 'The Land of Sorrows,' markedly of the Atlantean elite, left-handed the so named tips of the mountains of what was vanished of Atlantis and fled to Crete and Egypt, creating a new contest and life, and a secret social group in these societies, that would someday turn common.

At this time, several of the residents as well fled to a land nearby the Black Sea, where now stands Troy, but since Troy, it was Yort. It was a house set aside, unsocial on a height top, sort of. It could attendant itself from the umteen nations that would in example distrust her.,. a extreme birdcage her people would build, and man and fauna would marvel at Yort's super walls, the distrust of the new worldwide. Gilgamesh would try to duplication these aforementioned walls in his day (2700 BC), the superman from Sumer.

The Tiamat withdrew from the islands in the Atlantic and during the outburst was sort into the unmelted vocaliser of now, the new land, Antarctica.

At this time, Yort, was but a few months old, mortal size after the pulling down of the old planetary order, which was by the supervision of Atlantis, thus, the prototypal sovereign of Yort was but a King for a extremely brief fundamental quantity of time, named Hellsink (He was as cricket equipment as he was sadistic, he had courage alright, and populace of Yort grew to awful him and his ways: he worshipped the outdoor sport of the manic bear and humans, beside buried sentiment. He was at one instance an Atlantean next to a small indefinite amount of Greek practice in him, a ordinary soldier, who now became a male monarch. He would rob at will, and call upon it his right, the brides to be in Yort, and if location was any resistance, he would snuff out the total family circle of the bride, to include the bridegroom.

Sunrise, the king's childish wife, as well of Atlantean stock, but beside Egyptian bodily fluid also, feared the male monarch smaller amount than anyone, and above all, loved his new recovered sphere. In truth, she verified to be a larger Queen, than he a sovereign. Straight she walked, and tall, for she had come with from a royal home in the Port of Poseidonia, the landscape of Atlantis. And though the crowned head would preside over for smaller amount than two years, she would administrate for one cardinal and twenty-seven, and die at the mellow old age of 175-years old.

And so this is the ancient times of the beginnings of Yort, and the coming of the Tiamat, and the time of year she would retire from to breakthrough her new nest.

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