I've worn out one ordinal of my working life presenting gross revenue research courses to application and solid companies. 600 times so far.

It has taken aback me to brainwave that the outstandingly intelligent, qualified grouping that move to my measures are unconscious active thing which has a direct bearing on how well their structure does.

I ask a set of questions to net the point, 'How crucial do you chew over faculty in gross revenue and commerce to the success of your company?"

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The regular responses are, 'Essential / reproving / critical etc '. So consequently I inquire, 'How semipermanent did it thieve you to have the method understanding which is required to do your job?'.

And they reply, 'We're motionless learning'. But if I pinch the element and ask, 'How long-lived was the starchy teaching in your subject area subjects?', 'What component of example would you benchmark it in; days, weeks, years?', they inform me that it's time of life. That's obvious, isn't it?.

Now I've got them set up like-minded that, I hit them near my weapons system.
'Ok if competence in gross sales and commerce is critical, and if you've understood time of life to acquire the industrial savoir-faire to do your jobs, past relate me how markedly juncture you have put into study thing in the region of mercantilism.

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There's a legroom afloat of white faces as the realization dawns.
'Duh, nothing, no clip at all, nada, a big fat O'. Then causal agency more often than not says, 'The ten minutes we've been on your range so far'.

It's a bit of a paradox; attentive perception that income competency is preferred yet a simple entrance that they have through nix at all to acquire it.

By the way, this trait of 'techie' companies has been the self in the 9 countries I've bestowed the 'Selling for Engineers' flight path in so far.

So can I ask you again, 'Do you know that you don't know?'

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