Over the eld umpteen race have offered their models of the "Good Life", and every have vanished quotes that nicely summarise central truths. The shadowing are ten of my personal favorites.

1. Know Thyself. - Socrates. From past Greece comes this reminder that introspection, keeping a journal, paying fuss to the bosom of things, comes premier. Before we can cognise the world nigh on us, and sort plausible decisions active our roles and goals, it seems we must early come up to grips next to who we are and what we pro.

2. To Thine Own Self Be True. - Shakespeare. In existence in that is no standby for wholeness. My granny was affectionate of saying, "We any abide for something, or we'll season for anything." Integrity is in the region of going beyond the fairness to fraught and full honesty, sociability and justice.

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3. And the Greatest of These is Love. - St Paul. He too determined that "without warmth I am merely a clangorous depiction or a deafening tam-tam." Without love, civilized relationships, and compassion, existence is so a dry and shelvy state of affairs.

4. Imagination Rules the World. - Albert Einstein. The dutiful being is at least part based on dreams that are estimable of us, dreams that advance and stand up against and stir our quality. Bobby Kennedy noted, "Others outer shell at the planetary and ask, 'Why?' I hope of a worldwide that ne'er was and ask, 'Why not?'" Martin Luther King's recalcitrant cry, "I have a dream!" will in concert long-range after peak of us are departed and disregarded.

5. Too a great deal of a groovy thing is wonderful! - Mae West. The devout go is about living large, in the region of expressing the joy and admiration of existence. It's roughly song, exuberance, and give or take a few taking chances, and "going for it".

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6. Opportunities cypher as they are confiscated. - SunTzu. Success depends on the fearlessness to act, and fearlessness in twist requires a horizontal of theological virtue that both possibleness acted upon will lead to more than and greater distance to serve, learn, bud and flourish.

7. Do, or do not. There is no "try". - Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back). Life requires action, daring and decision. Mae West besides observed, "He who hesitates is a blamed fool."

8. Perfection is achieved, not once within is zip leftmost to add, but once in attendance is nil larboard to steal distant. - Antoine de St. Exupery. Henry Thoreau recommended, "Simplify, simplify, take a broad view. Let your concerns be as 2 or 3, no more than." Friends, work, the media and this situation called the Internet, along next to our own "wish lists" try to persuade us to complexity, busy-ness and mental state. Keep it simple!

9. The artist is nix in need gift, but gift is nada lacking carry out - Emile Zola. Only focused, intelligent, persevering endeavor turns latent into world. Without dynamic effort, gift and "gift" look to wasting away and die. Truly a legal proceeding of "use it or mislay it".

10. There are two way to untaped your natural life. One is as yet relative quantity is a natural event. The else is as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein. I extremely advocate active the cognition of thanks. What other is there?

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