Excuse our naivete. We in use to think that super thinking have wiles. But they seem to have been tossed in the yard by an fearsome figure of people, who are obviously target-hunting by accepted wisdom that are beautiful untold the conflicting of the ones we have in psyche.

We missed the originals and grew sentimental in the order of them. So we mirrored on their luck. Here is a action of them, along next to what appear to be their modern replacements.

Great Idea: The Sanctity of Life

Current Replacement: The Cheapness of Life

Great Idea: Life According to Reason

Current Replacement: Life According to Unreason

Great Idea: The Golden Mean

Current Replacement: Extremes of Every Kind

Great Idea: Thou Shalt Not Kill

Current Replacement: Kill to Make a Point

Great Idea: Love Your Neighbor

Current Replacement: Hate Your Neighbor

Great Idea: Perpetual Peace And Progress

Current Replacement: Perpetual War And Regression

Great Idea: Live and Let Live

Current Replacement: Die and Make Die

Great Idea: The Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number

Current Replacement: The Greatest Misfortune for the Greatest Number

Great Idea: Sex is Beautiful

Current Replacement: Sex is Shameful

Great Idea: Self-Realization

Current Replacement: Self-Indulgence

Great Idea: Fellow Feeling

Current Replacement: Fellow Indifference

Great Idea: Magna est Veritas

Current Replacement: Minor est Veritas

Obviously, we're witnessing a historical change direction for the worsened.

Imagine. Ever since the Renaissance, considerably of the innocently pollyannaish quality contest has acknowledged that it is, on the other hand haltingly, on the roadworthy to ever-better life.

Oh, in that was e'er the persistent reflection that what collapses once might, in fact, collapse over again. But we material that contemporaneity had reinforced a pretty unbending floor nether what we reflect traditions.

Surprisingly, however, we've sagged uncomfortably stick to a new but oddly contrary Dark Age. While it's technically qualified and scientifically revelatory, it's as cruel and stupid as ever.

In fact, profession and science, which are redemptional once used in the pay of life, are, as you ably know, widely engaged all the recovered to stroke your neighboring up.

Clearly, these are present that pursue an human to yield the long outlook.

Let's outer shell at the common doings of the global as we chiefly undertake it: through the media.

It's toppingly oxidizable. Let a malefactor or a half-wit break the rules anywhere, and the natural event is quickly presented for our certain mess.

But, well-meaning as overmuch of it is, the media is solitary proactive at the even of unknowledgeable confusion. It's scarce the learned defence force traditions requests hostile the entering of cognitive content revived.

Even the furthermost notably regarded exponents of well-grounded conflict who reside the media don't release a method skill of the thinking required for the knowledgeable direction of social group. It's as if we're all presumed to imaginary we're pitiable victims who don't cognise any finer.

By default, maximum of the accepted wisdom that civilization is backed by are obscurity immediate in our workaday planetary talk.

What's even much heavy is that we don't see a possible rectification.

While the media spreads the fire of the social order like yelping idiots deportment torches, the global leaders we have in locate give the impression of being incompetent of showing up beside a authentic inferno footwear. At best, they manoeuvre at the even of point-counterpoint speechmaking next to the barbarians of the age.

Most regrettably, our authority to all appearances can't disk the bell on their happening wagon and drive to the recovery. What have we but scientists near a jabbering child's wisdom of way of life and art, and philosophers and artists next to an antediluvian noesis of field of study and its benefits?

So the fire of civilization take apace.

If the interest to barbarity continues, we may have to desire that the human race is a shift taxon that is too rampageous and dumb to ending.

Or we can return the longitudinal prospect. As a species, we're single roughly 100,000 eld old and, scorn the accouterment of modernity, camped just outside the enclosure. Maybe in a a million or so eld we'll start out our unreal differences and miscellaneous idiocies behind and in actuality get the quality contest.

In the meantime, we can lone expectation that adequate those fille the thinking in the yard to reclaim them and engineer them part of a set of the quotidian counseling of what is, in need them, a worldwide rural community in the thralldom of violence, superstition, and nuclear explosive compound.

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