Last twelvemonth umteen relatives emailed us in the order of 7-7-07 (July 7, 2007), interrogative if it's a privileged day of the month due to all the parliament. We were quoted in cardinal removed American daily articles give or take a few 7-7-07.

We may have foiled whichever empire near our position just about 7-7-2007 since we don't reckon it a special date as reflected by the associated, in-depth figure patterns.

While the year 2007 includes a seven, it's not strictly a seven vibration: 2 0 0 7 = 9. Thus, the solar day is really 7-7-9. Also, the 9 and 2000 of 2007 take more than weight than the 7.

The way to insight the maximum principal amount religion quivering of any multiple-digit number is to add them up and cut back on to a single figure (fadic enclosure).

7-7-2005 (7-7-7) includes more seven verve than 7-7-2007 (7-7-9) on this key plane.

The Chinese lay a lot of exigency on the figure viii. They mostly consort it with economic condition.

Although belief too frequently prevails in copious cultures, we reflect viii does symbolically have a few advantages ended separate numbers, very in relation to control, m.o.n.e.y, power, and distinction.

The Beijing Olympic Games are regular to foundation on 8-8-2008, at 08:08:08 p.m. China Standard Time in Beijing.

Here is more than a few subject matter almost the amount eight:

8: The figure 8 is bound to influence, m.o.n.e.y, karma, action, concern success, company failure, control, bits and pieces objects, status, loss, gain, administration, management, ego, leadership, authority.
Balanced 8 energy: prosperous, high-powered, commanding, stamina, self-confident, persuasive, fiscal awareness, effective, ambitious, businesslike, clear-headed, disciplined, material freedom, honorable, enterprising.

Over-balanced 8 energy: abuses power, cold-blooded, egotistical, reaction to m.o.n.e.y, scheming, aggressive, materialistic, corrupt, demanding, domineering, preoccupied near government and m.o.n.e.y, unsympathetic, over-ambitious, confrontational, rebellious, wiry.

Under-balanced 8 energy: passive, vulnerable, fearful, insecure, avoids say-so and m.o.n.e.y, underprivileged judgment, gives ad hominem right away, short.

As indicated above, 8 can imply grave rewards, yet it can too symbolize limitless challenges, depending on the residue of the indicators in the charts.

The date 8-8-2008 is really, on the maximum celebrated fundamental, bailiwick level, 8-8-1 (2 0 0 8=10, 1 0=1).

This close fragment of the investigation of 8-8-2008 gets a half-size more complicated, but we've simplified it as markedly as come-at-able. Although many another layers of indicators (natal and prophetical) be real in our house-to-house study charting systems, direct below we advert to quite a few of the more underlying ones that consist the basic discipline profile of our Numerology Decoder package.

(Note: we substituted "ti," t = 20th letter of script and i = 9th memo to = 29, for the "xxix" module of the "Games of the 29 Olympiad" as it translates superior in the software package.)

There is a lot of invisible seven heartiness in the day of the month 8-8-2008, and it's not amazingly golden 7 gusto. It's a brawny mix of over-balanced and under-balanced seven dash. More gen is to a lower place.

7: The number 7 is interconnected to mysticism, intuition, interior growth, examination, study, analysis, reflection, lowered corporal vitality, multiplied psychogenic activity, protective assets, planning, attracting unsought help, specialization, solitude, strength issues, be carried.

Balanced 7 energy: philosophy interests, unlike wavelength, intellectual, clairvoyant, analytical, perceptive, scientific, exact, meditative, mystical, expert, bookish, poised, telepathic, visionary, deep, dreamer, instinctive, reflective, truth-seeker, studious, owlish.

Over-balanced 7 energy: fearful, nervous, critical, paranoid, indecisive, secretive, pent-up emotions, distrustful, guarded, intimidating, fussy, evasive, fanatic, self-conscious, secretive, perfectionist, impersonal, mocking.

Under-balanced 7 energy: lack of depth, naïve, ignorant, too trusting, empty-headed, mystified, superficial, demand of faith, undeveloped, uninformed, uncertain.

Plenty of 16/7 strength (e.g., 8 8=16/7, 7 9=16/7) besides exists in the twenty-four hours 8-8-2008, which is a steadfast sign-language of the behind and otherwise challenges: hypocrisy, superficiality, excruciating sickness of ego-self ideals, expansion in regard overriding to ultimate collapse, scandal, consuming pride, and self-righteousness.

Unfortunately, the spaciotemporal charts, gone what we try out above, besides predominantly parallel stimulating patterns.

On a bubbly note, the "Life Path" (the peak primal rudimentary procedure in modern-day subject) of 8-8-2008 is so eight (8 8 1=17/8), so at lowest possible the hope for eight is consummated powerfully that way (along beside the day of viii and the lesser symbolical advice of the 08 of 2008). It's calamitous nevertheless that there's so noticeably maleficent 7 connected next to the day of the month.

Additionally, the official starting time of the Beijing 2008 Olympics (opening occasion) includes several unsavoury pseudoscience considerations, together with the following: Sun in a wishy-washy house; Moon in Scorpio (opposite of it self noble in Taurus); Saturn differing the Ascendant; the Ascendant measuring stick (Jupiter as rule of Pisces reported to ancient star divination) is retrograde (modern ruler, Neptune, is in a faint house-12th); minor queen of Ascendant (Venus) is with Saturn; and Mercury is in a slack quarters.

The teaching here is that it's significant to grasp a wholesale position beside study and astrology, and preferably use them together, as a facade mind-set easy yields uninvited and, or erroneous grades.

Although we would have selected a diametric set off day and circumstance for the Olympics, we judge that even so it came about, chance is future and it was designed to be that way. Besides, the symbol doesn't propose pure doom and eagerly the games will go swimmingly minus any highest problems, excursion from the on-going political thing (Tibet) and recent earthquake.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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