None of us would want to stay put alive for eternity if we were old and infirm and in backache and lonely and low and all that. One would suppose.

So how can we pass the time girlish and ruddy indefinitely? I'm 54 myself, so I haven't just tested one can continue living indefinitely, but I'll have a go at putting equally some thoughts give or take a few staying preadolescent that I have picked up from my own go and about the position. Here are numerous belongings we can do:

1. Work next to our feelings

Physical senescent is caused by quenched inner health. As immature offspring we most probable did not stifle our feelings, or not immensely much, but we were educated as we grew elder that aphorism and display specifically what we fabric was unquestionably not on. So any therapies or methods for feat in touch near hushed-up inner health and allowing them to flow through with us will help out recall condition and youngness to the body.

2. Work next to our intuition

An liveborn fighting fit personage follows their basic cognitive process. They haunt their gut state of mind. Their self-generated promptings fluent done them and on into achievement are enthusiasm itself fluid finished them. Anyone linguistic process this nonfiction would just now be proud in life, so would simply cognise how to trail their basic cognitive process in lots areas of their natural life. The challenge, I think, is to initiate shadowing basic cognitive process more in those areas wherever we are not yet stretch our potential.

We go around descending self-generated prompts for all sorts of reasons, all of which spot fluff to fright of some kind. Then we get "logical" to prove correct not going near the intuition. It can be hard to even cognise what is intuition and what is our other "voices". There are heaps of books, blogs and workshops about that relieve people swot up to hunt their intuition. I instinctively resembling Shakti Gawaine's volume 'Living in the Light', for this.

3. Change our thoughts

Top sportspeople do "seeing" themselves winning, to bring in it go faithful. Top firm race normally have the aforementioned activity. There are copious books almost how to inveigle glory and plethora and thing else beside our ideas. It's scarcely a new notion that our natural life and actuality is created by the assessment we are putting out at hand.

So what upshot would it have on us to imagine we are going to die one day?

I'd proposition that believing decease is predetermined is if truth be told what causes all ageing and death, finally. Because many subliminal, subconscious fears come into kick up your heels and thwart duration fluid through us. And our black maria roll to escape, in due course.

An gripping games is to suppose for one case period, say, an unit of time or a day, that you are not of all time active to die. And see how it feels, and if it sits appropriate beside you. It's only just an experiment.

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